Aug 4, 2016

Episode 71 - The Power Of Podcasting To Promote And Market Your Business

In this episode you get to sit in on a small business networking event presentation to learn about the power of podcasting to better promote and market your business.

May 25, 2014

Update 3 - Remember To Download The Show Notes

A quick reminder that show notes of the BookPals Business Sanity podcast episodes are available for download so you can keep a ready reference of the hints, tips and resources being provided by our guests to help make your business life just that little bit easier.

May 12, 2014

Update 2 - BookPals Rollout Update and Podcast Training courses

Today you get an update on the BookPals software development and you also find out about the podcast training courses now available on the BookPals website so you can learn how to supercharge your marketing message to potential customers.

Mar 17, 2014

Episode 11 - Sean Kaye and Rapid Action Podcasting

Sean Kaye of talks about using a podcast to attract hundreds - if not thousands - of potential customers to your website.

Jan 5, 2014

Episode 6 - James Schramko of

James Schramko of talks about webpage design and SEO techniques that can better promote your services online when you run a professional services business.

Dec 18, 2013

Episode 5 - Ezra Firestone and his Brown Box Formula

Ezra Firestone of and talks about the growing trend in online retail sales and how you can take a struggling Mom and Pop retail store and turn it into a profitable online business.

Nov 14, 2013

Episode 1 - Welcome To BookPals Business Sanity

Welcome to the BookPals Business Sanity podcast where we will introduce you to our podcast, explain why the podcast was created and give you a brief introduction into the BookPals product.