Oct 21, 2017

Episode 109 - Pauline Murray On What You Need For Sound Financial Advice

Pauline Murray of Pauline R Murray Accountants returns to BookPals Business Sanity to explain the importance of good financial records when small business owners are seeking financial advice or loan application approval.

Contact Pauline Murray now for financial advice.

Aug 9, 2015

Update 34 - Exactly What BookPals Really Is

In this update we explain exactly what BookPals is and how it is going to make your business life easier and more straightforward.

Dec 28, 2014

Update 19 - Why BookPals Is Perfect For Mortgage Brokers

In this update we explain how BookPals is perfect for mortgage brokers because it allows them to get their client's financials into order so that they can take their loan applications to the financial institutions for assessment.

Nov 30, 2014

Update 17 - How BookPals Helps When You Apply For Loans

In this update we explain how BookPals helps small business owners when they apply for loans and any other financial assistance to help drive their businesses forward.