Feb 9, 2018

Episode 126 - Rocking Your Talk - Yes Or No?

In this episode we re-examine the concept of "Rocking Your Talk" and whether or not it is still an effective way in which to promote and market your business.


Check Out Kristin's Rock Your Talk & Biz Resource together with all the other resources available on the BookPals website.

Jan 5, 2018

Episode 121 - Does It Still Work - Wendy Weiss On Using Cold Calling To Market Your Business

Wendy Weiss of ColdCallingResults.com talks about the power of cold calling to market your business to potential clients.

May 1, 2017

BookPals Business Reflections 15 - Surprise Your Customers

Find out how - by surprising your customers - you will turn them into raving fans and brand ambassadors.

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Jan 9, 2017

Christmas Classic 9 - Episode 63 - Sean Kaye On Long vs Short Form Copy

One thing is certain - if you want your business to gain any level of success this year you have to come up with ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors

And this is why Sean Kaye of casualmarketer.com is included in the BookPals Business Sanity Christmas Classic series because Sean provides great insight into the pros and cons of long versus short form copy to attract more potential clients to your products and services.

Sean is inside BookPals Business Xlerator - come in and see if he can help you supercharge your marketing efforts.

Aug 4, 2016

Episode 71 - The Power Of Podcasting To Promote And Market Your Business

In this episode you get to sit in on a small business networking event presentation to learn about the power of podcasting to better promote and market your business.

Jul 21, 2016

Family Favorite 4 - Alex Pirouz On The Power Of LinkedIn

Over recent times we have been getting great marketing traction through LinkedIn, so we thought it was time to re-introduce you to Alex Pirouz of linkfluencer.com because the strategies that Alex suggests can really help you drive your business to a greater level of success.

May 4, 2016

Family Favorite 3 - Melanie Perkins On The Use Of Color And Image To Enhance Your Marketing Message

Even though the family vacation is over, the BookPals rollout is in overdrive with the impending launch of the BookPals phone app, so while we are focussed on the phone app development we thought it would be great to re-introduce you to Melanie Perkins of canva.com who will give you some wonderful ideas on how to use color and images to enhance your marketing message - enjoy!!!

Apr 11, 2016

Episode 65 - Alex Pirouz On Using LinkedIn For Mass Media Exposure

In this episode, Alex Pirouz of Linkfluencer.com returns to BookPals Business Sanity to discuss the power of LinkedIn to get mass media exposure for your business and how you can access Alex's free resource to start connecting with journalists to promote and market your business.

Remember to leave your questions about LinkedIn below in the comments section so that Alex can answer them for you.

Mar 24, 2016

Special Announcement - Narinder Singh Introduces Paul Dunn’s Upcoming Event

Narinder Singh of ActionCoach.com introduces Paul Dunn's The Huge Power Of Small upcoming event that is being held in Adelaide, South Australia on the 12th of April 2016.

Mar 21, 2016

Episode 63 - Sean Kaye on Long vs Short Form Copy

Sean Kaye of casualmarketer.com returns to BookPals Business Sanity to talk about the pros and cons of long versus short form copy and much - MUCH - more.

Mar 6, 2016

Episode 61 - Kristin Thompson On The Power Of In-Person Presentations

Kristin Thompson of SpeakServeGrow.com returns to BookPals Business Sanity to remind us of the power of in-person presentations in driving your business to greater levels of success.

Jan 4, 2016

Christmas Classic 2 - Episode 31 - Dan Norris On Landing Pages And Opt-In Forms

Dan Norris of wpcurve.com talks about using landing pages and opt-in forms to engage with potential customers who visit your website.

Oct 26, 2015

Episode 55 - Ellory Wells On Periscope

Ellory Wells of ellorywells.com explains the power of Periscope to more effectively promote and market your business.

Oct 16, 2015

Episode 54 - Simon Kneebone On Animation

Simon Kneebone of simonkneebone.com shows you how you can use animation to supercharge your marketing message.

May 17, 2015

Update 28 - Tell Us About You And Your Business Inside XLerator

In this update we introduce you to the Tell Us About You and Your Business section of the BookPals Business XLerator community and how this section can help you drive your business to greater levels of success.

Mar 27, 2015

Update 25 - BookPals Business XLerator Success Stories

In this update we introduce you to the BookPals Business XLerator Community Success Stories and explain how - by sharing your success stories with other community members - you will increase the opportunities to drive your business to greater success.

Mar 14, 2015

Episode 37 - Alison Lukin On Creating Exceptional Copy

Alison Lukin of AlisonLukin.com and MarketLikeARockStar.com explains the power of exceptional copy to help drive your business to greater success.

Feb 14, 2015

Episode 35 - Karen Lynn Maher On Turning All Your Knowledge Into A Revenue Generating Stream

Karen Lynn Maher of LegacyOneAuthors.com shows you how to turn all that knowledge that you've gained over the years into a revenue generating stream in the form of a book, manuscript, or instruction manual.

Jan 30, 2015

Episode 34 - Alex Pirouz On The Power Of LinkedIn

Alex Pirouz of linkfluencer.com talks about the power of LinkedIn when trying to get your products and services in front of more key business decision makers.

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